Saturday, April 10, 2010

Grand Palace @ Pavilion

My family + my aunties and grandma decided to go for lunch in KL, my parents had some restaurant in mind.. They said it was nice and that i was not present when they ate there last time. But i had something else in mind, i was thinking of Grand Palace @ Pavilion . Since Tai Tong is overrated and banned ,we shifted our taste buds to Palace Group restaurants. My family agreed to try since i never really had a chance to recommend restaurants.



We went for the room instead.

Dishes : Didnt take any pictures as using my phone camera would be weird

1. The Za Choy dish ( no gingko)

They said that some people might not like the gingko or the manager wanted to save $

2. Some prawn dish with chili sauce ( like the chili crab sauce)
Wasnt that good, Jaya Palace was better

3. Tofu with some vege in it

4. Pork , though nice and tender , in sauce that looked so artificial.
There was some fried "man tau" which was not bad.

5. Frog with that black sauce
Chicken would've been better

6. Some soft vegetable

Those were the dishes they recommended ,we didnt order anything too hard to chew as we had Grandma in mind (:

The Pork and Frog which was supposed to be sweet were sour . + the prawn which was supposed to be sour.

so thats 3 sour dishes our of 6.

When the captain came in , my parents complained that the dishes were sour. She was "ohh really? let me ask the chef" She never came back ,not so hard to see why.

Furthermore , the waitress serving our room was probably illiterate as she never answered any of our requests but did it in the most sour face ever. She probably ate some of our food? xD

Upon exiting, we saw the captain far at the corner entertaining a table. -.-

I gave such a bad impression to my parents and aunties about Pavilion. ): i hope they wont ban the other restaurants there.

On a brighter side , Jaya Palace and Imbi Palace are great restaurants to try ! (:

This dish is a must try

Thats all for now :D

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Circles, like in kindergarten

These are the circles people cant stop talking about .

Instructions :

On your keyboard : up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, b, a, Enter, left click. Circles will appear!

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Year of the Bull..shit.XD

It's been almost a month of school now.. and then again time passes really fast :D or D:..haha resolution for 2009 = accomplish resolution of 2008 XD..well nothing much has changed..same old same old...few highlights like kwang buying new clothes..and she dyed her hair..that now her hair spells L A L A..she's nicer now :D cuz she has a toddler..haha awww mama lala has a baby..xD same beh,still single XD oh! Alim n Suhaila are gone :D My guess is that there was an emergency breeding of extint whales so alim volunteered XD suhaila..never really liked her but she's teaching form 6 now.I realised i haven't seen pikachu for quite a while..hmm.

will continue..gotta go ciao (;

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Happy 2009!! :x..

My blog is so dead it probably decayed and became fossil fuel long ago xD..but i'm "back"!! i only get to go online during the weekends so u cant blame me.xP I shall update my blog with random stuff

During my nov-dec hols,i went out a lot + 2 outstation was back to back..Cameron-Penang...why?cuz im hot and im cold im down n im up!! XDD if ur still blurr its the song by katie perrie (spelt correctly?).The trip was fun..will update the pics if i have time.

Btw..what so hot about edward cullen?with that skin colour he should be as hot as snow!XD..I shall post this now since he's forgotten already..(i think :x)

He had a plastic surgery!!

Before After

HAHAhaha XD please dont kill me!u just need the glasses harry potter has XD

I'll blog again when i'm free..till then..Happy NIU year! xD and hopefully ill be able to concentrate after new year..

When i made that header..i thought it was general and boring.I never knew so many would copy it!..-_-

Saturday, December 20, 2008

8th day of Christmas!!!

Cg outing and a christmas dinner (:. Watched YES man

XD it was really funny but ending quite potong...i wore all white for fun..since black was so common. xD. my friend said it was so smack-able??WTH xD.when all of them left for church i was at starbucks drinking some stupid green tea +peach+apple..suddenly this guy came out of no where and explained some handicap donation thingy...his first words were "don't get me wrong.i am not bad guy" LOL..i was stunted...then he said "i tell u guy about this thing" bla the end my mum called me so i had to go..haha i said "can i have ur centre's number i'll donate straight".

Later that night was vania's church christmas dinner :D..The theme was haiwaiian...

Which wasn't at all my favorite team..but i dug my cupboard and found a shirt (:!
There was singing by Juwita Sweeetoo and Patrick star leong! After that we adjourned to dinner...

I can't wait till christmas!! :D all the gifts!which is lesser by the fine really.i just think too negatively because
someone made me think so xD.but its all good (: .Really glad i have GREAT friends that make such awesome (pronounced as OooohSuhmmmm) xD parties/events/outings.

Bad news is that because i've been going out almost daily = no study =parents nag =


Isn't it weird that whatever i think will not happen...happens...):

Monday, December 15, 2008

3rd day of Christmas!!

Time passes really fast..and i really wanna rest!..): i can't believe i actually considered going for 3 camps + sayang camp parents didn't let me because they said i'll be too tired. xD well i'm glad i chose the right camp.I forgot that my youth camp was like OBS.

So My Schedule is...
Dec Occasion
5-7 Camp (penang)
7-10 Camp (penang)
11-14 Encounter camp
15-16 Sayang camp
Yinky's party
18 Friend's house
19 Cg outing
20 Friend's Christmas dinner
21 Outing with bestfriend
24 Friend's Christmas dinner

and who knows what else.check here before u plan number is 012-2722639.ciaozers (:

Btw,im NOT a DJ-ian!i notice many people say so..but i'm Proud to be a seaparkian!...i think xD..

Sunday, December 14, 2008

16 but experienced a bite of NS!

Hey! i'm back to update my dead blog.I just came back from Benua hill resort ,Raub.Don't be decieved by the's an NS campsite.haha the campsite had its pros and cons.

I shall make two points of view :

There was this cool lake..i'm not sure if it's man-made but it has lotsa water lilies in cool rite.okay maybe not.I really learned and encountered God in the sessions (:.The topics were just what i wanted to know about.The games were super fun!There was khayaking,flying fox and abselling.I only got to khayak because flying fox and abselling required shoes..Fun but wasn't really the games for the girly girls or unsporting people.haha.My team won 3rd!It was really unsuspectedly suspected and we didn't cheat! (:

The campsite was big so there was a lot of walking.It wasn't tiring but i was impatient..forgetting stuff was not fun.The moment we stepped into the dorm..we could feel one layer of dust/dirt/sand on our feet .There was no power points for phone chargers.The toilet floor was cleaner than the hall's.-.-.When too many people bathed at once,the water runs out..The food was probably left overs from dogs and cats.I would rather fast than breakfast xD.oh but there was one meal..when i was getting my food..suddenly the kakak said "OH HANDSOME.." XD then she gave me one bbq drumstick ,3 chicken wings and other donno was quite amusing..but the drumstick was like wood but the fried chicken was nice (:.I really do not like getting treated this way because i realise it intimidates my friends ):..We had to wash our plates ourselves with limited water taps that had water..i'd rather take water from the well.The games were fun but...i really dislike those fatplump-know-it-all people that only move their mouths and not their bodies plus those i-know-how-to-do-that but i dont wanna get wet people.

The camp was overall fun.i didn't really bother about all the negatives because i couldn't be bothered (:.but i heard some people called their parents to bring them home.haha.I don't mind other places for a change.Peacehaven is..cold and boring.

The only picture i took..haha